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The Great Autumn Clear Up!

The Great Autumn Clear Up!

Glorious autumn leavesWhilst we may not want to let summer go, there’s no denying that autumn has arrived and is comfortably settling in around us. Known as the ‘season of harvest’, we’ll soon be reaping the bounty that we sowed in spring and glorious colour will be coating the trees and paths as the leaves turn and tumble.

Although the colder nights and shorter days will naturally bring plant growth to a halt, there’s still plenty to do in the garden. A little bit of effort before the winter kicks in will go a very long way!

Tidy up pots, planters and borders

Time to clear out summer bedding. Divide & reposition any perennials that need it. Remove as many weeds as possible. Clean up foliage from roses, peonies and any plant with diseased foliage. Remove and dispose of dead plants. Only compost healthy plants, if it showed any signs of disease, it should be disposed of to reduce the risk of re-infecting your garden next year with the same disease.

Mulch the beds

When the beds are tidy, mulch them with a thick layer of well-rotted garden compost or bark chips to keep the soil in good health and protect any slightly tender plants.

Protect from frost!

Wrap tender plants to protect them from harsh winter conditions. Fleece is cost-effective and can be bought by the metre, or we stock a great range of cloches and tunnels here at Orchard Park.

Inspect your trees

Remove any broken branches, making a clean cut close to the trunk. There are lots of long handled pruners, secateurs and pruning saws that are perfect for this task available to buy in store. Remember this is just a tidy up and major pruning should not be done until trees are fully dormant. Check tree ties and stakes on young trees.

Compost sack full of leavesClear the ground

Remove all fallen and rotting fruit from the ground around trees—they will attract pests and diseases which may last through the winter. Don’t leave autumn leaves on the lawn. Instead, rake them up and add to the compost heap in thin layers mixed with other material. Leaves will make good compost quicker if they have been shredded. Use the mower to chop them and pick them up. Give your lawn a final cut before winter and an autumn feed to strengthen roots.

Don’t forget your equipment…

Clean and store away your tools. Remove all traces of soil and if you’ve been trimming diseased plants, disinfect pruners and dry fully before storing away. Spray a little WD40 or light oil on steel tools and scrape the old lawn clippings off the mower.

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