Your Essential Rose Kit!

Orchard Park stocks a range of products that can help your roses bloom this summer, do come and see us and view the the whole range.

  1. Scotts Rose Clear Ultra 
    Scotts Rose Clear Systemic Fungicide and Insecticide is a safe and effective ready to use systemic fungicide for the control of blackspot on roses. It also provides effective control of powdery mildew and rusts, and kills aphids within 24 hours.
  2. Multirose 2 Ready to Use 
    Multirose2 is a ready to use combined insecticide plus fungicide for use on roses. It kills aphids and provides some control and protection of rust and blackspot. This product can also be purchased in concentrated form.
  3. Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub
    Miracle-Gro Rose & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food is specially formulated for roses and other shrubs. The granules contain a special mix of nutrients with extra magnesium to give strong, healthy plants with deep, rich coloured blooms, gorgeous fragrances and greener leaves.plant care products
  4. Toprose
    Britain’s best-selling granular rose food maintains healthy plants and blooms, and is the perfect balance of nutrients for bright and beautiful roses and shrubs.
  5. Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Funghi
    This product has carefully isolated naturally occurring fungus that encourages root growth in plants and aids the absorption of nutrients from the soil, and reduces the quantity of fertilisers required. By planting with rootgrow the plant is able to quickly establish a secondary root system that increases the amount of nutients and moisture available to the plant.
  6. Horse Compost
    Country Care’s Horse compost is sterilised, well-rotted and contains an excellent source of nutrient rich nitrogen phosphates and potash. The organic content puts body back into soil and improves humus, fertility and water retention. Country Cares’ Horse compost also improves drainage and soil aeration.