New Year, News from the Farm Shop

1st March 2010

Well thank goodness January is over.  Cold and wet, snow and ice, not a little rain and not enough of the things that make us happiest – CUSTOMERS!  A heartfelt thankyou to all of you who braved the conditions to get here.

You wouldn’t have seen many changes in January in the Farm Shop, but February you will, I promise. The start we made before Christmas will continue with an increasing range of straightforward store cupboard lines – tinned tomatoes, pasta and rice will all be appearing with oils and vinegars as well.  If there is anything you would like us to stock please let us know, especially if it is from a local producer.

We now have butchers here five days a week (Tuesday to Saturday) who prepare the meat that is raised and grazed at Park Farm, just yards from the garden centre.  They can produce just about everything imaginable for you, but may sometimes need a bit of warning for the more unusual cuts. At the moment the beef is from British White cattle, the lamb is Wiltshire Horn and the pork from Large Black pigs.  All these are traditional breeds and well worth trying if you haven’t done so before.

A quick word about our prices.  We don’t try to compete with the supermarkets, but sometimes we surprise ourselves! We will get you the best prices we can, and for some items – eggs, meat and vegetables for example, we think that we provide value for money that can’t be bettered.


For February our Beef Mince will be £4.49 per/kilo (that’s just over £2/lb. if you’re like me) down from £5.99 per/kilo (just over £2.70/lb).

Next month I’ll be introducing you to the Farm Shop staff talking a bit more about our suppliers and their products. In the meantime, if there’s anything you want to tell us about, either come and see us or email me at