Mother's Day – Our busiest day of the year for the florists

8th March 2012

Mother’s Day is one of our busiest days of the year here at Orchard Park but for our Floristry team it’s HUGE!!

Our regular florists are joined by Claire and Anita and this year the girl’s will be working through the night to meet the demand for their stunning bouquets.    In 2011 our florists made up over 170 bouquets, baskets and hand tied wraps of every description and already the signs are that this year we will beat that total!

Nikki and Charlotte have worked really hard to source the most beautiful, scented flowers from local producer’s and from Europe.

The flowers begin to arrive mid-week and they are carefully chilled to ensure that they are absolutely in peak condition for the big day! Both Friday and Saturday the girls will work through the night (yes literally through the night!! – so its double espresso’s all round!) and for Nikki in particular the most challenging aspect of the entire period is that she and her team meet the exact requirements of every individual customer (yes – just do the sums!).

Nikki says “ For everyone, their Mum is the best Mum in the world and they want their bouquet to express that, often the sender has sent a lot of time and effort choosing  specific flowers that will have a special meaning within their family.   It is vital to make sure that we get it right every single time.   I make it my personal responsibility to check every order, after all I am a Mum myself so I know how important it is to be shown how much your family care about you!

There is a team of 4 van drivers who will be delivering flowers all over the county (and dip into Somerset and Wiltshire!) for more information visit the floristry page but feel free to drop in and have a chat with Nikki about Mother’s Day or any other celebration you may be planning!