Lagan Farm Meats are truly local.

lagan farm shopThe prize winning Lagan Herds have been established here at Park Farm for the past 20 years or more. Park Farm occupies part of Gillingham’s ancient Royal Forest with much of the farmland here in the Parish of Motcombe.

The meat is derived from traditional native breeds, raised and grazed right here keeping food miles to the absolute minimum. The farm has been working with traditional and rare cattle breeds for many years. Lagan farm has an international reputation for quality and supplies breeding stock to many other herds. They are particularly well known for British Whites, Red Polls, and of course the very rare Irish Moiled cattle.

Home grown lamb is also available from Wiltshire Horn flocks and our pork is sourced from other local farms.

cows at lagan farmAfter slaughter, the carcases are hung in our own chillers for the optimum length of time to develop flavour and then prepared by our own very experienced butcher and his team. They will prepare any cuts that are wanted and make their own fantastic sausages, burgers and barbeque packs.

Lagan Farm meats as well as being a regular feature of our Farm Shop are also now being served in a number of hotels, restaurants and schools locally as well as in the Orchard Park café.

Lagan Farm, Park Farm, Gillingham