How to grow your Mangold Wurzel

12th April 2010

Mangel Wurzel or Mangold Wurzel (Beta vulgaris), is a root vegetable of the family Chenopodiaceae, genus Beta (the beets). It has large white, yellow or orange-yellow swollen roots – mostly above ground. Both leaves and routes can be eaten, if you find you’re really hungry! Leaves can be slightly steamed for salads or lightly boiled as a vegetable if treated like English spinach. They like to be well fed and watered and the roots like potato for serving mashed diced or in sweet curries.

Prepare the seed bed well – dig deep and incorporate some well-rotted compost or other organic matter. You can start the seed off in small pots, peat pots or trays then transplant when big enough to handle. Find a good sunny spot in the garden to grow them, keep weed free and water regularly to get them as big as possible. The mature root will be 95% water!

Liquid feeding during the growing season is bound to help. Use a high potash feed. You can make your own from Comfrey leaves, or buy a seaweed feed such as Maxicrop, or even use Tomato Feed. If you want to grow in a pot, use a deep one to allow the roots to develop fully and keep watered regularly – don’t drown but don’t let them dry out.