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Flowers for my Valentine

There are many stories as to how the Valentines tradition of receiving a red rose from a known loved one, or a secret admirer, was started and the modern day celebration of the day has evolved and been shaped throughout history.

The red rose is considered to be the flower of love and passion, featuring in songs, poetry and paintings for many years and therefore it’s only logical that it should be the bloom of choice for Valentines!

Here at Orchard Park we have some beautiful red Naomi Roses with their smooth, perfectly red velvety petals they are the ultimate rose for those extra special romantic gestures.  Out of all commercially grown roses Naomi Roses are the only ones that are scented and have a sweet yet subtle perfume.

The red Naomi Rose has an excellent vase life which means you can enjoy their beautiful large head of subtlety scented petals for longer!  They have a strong stem and are incredibly striking making them the ideal bloom for your loved one.

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