July Meat of the Month


Belly Pork 200x200

Belly Pork

Was £6.50 per kg

Now £5.49 per kg!




Sirloin 200x200Sirloin Steak

Was £25.99 per kg

Now £20.99 per kg!





New in our Dorset Farm Shop

Lemon Curd with Gin

This week we have a new edition to our Cottage Delight product range, Lemon Curd with Gin!  This is a modern twist to their best selling traditional Lemon Curd as it has a subtle kick of gin.  With good depth of flavour and delicate gin addition, the pairing has such a classic, fresh taste.

This buttery Lemon Curd with Gin can be used to compliment many sweet treats and simple rainy day delights such as warm scones, toast or pancakes.  Follow the link below for a simple Lemon Curd with Gin Tart recipe from Cottage Delight.


Lemon Curd with Gin Tarts – Recipe