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Cobb BBQs at Orchard Park

What are Cobb BBQs?

The award winning Cobb BBQ is a true all rounder when it comes to cooking; allowing you to bake, boil, smoke, fry and grill virtually anywhere!  The innovative design means it is cool to the touch on the outside while searing hot on the inside and ready to cook in just 10 minutes when using the patented Cobble Stone.

How is the Cobb made?About_the_Cobb_Image

  1. Dome: made with stainless steel and it has a heat-resistant handle. The holes in the Dome ensure even
    ventilation throughout the cooking process creating an oven affect.
  2. Grill Grid:with an easy to clean Teflon® non-stick coating. Excess fat drains away through the holes and into the moat.
  3. Fire Basket: A secured area for the Cobble Stone or loose briquettes.
  4. Stainless steel moat:catches all excess fat. The moat can also be used for cooking vegetables.
  5. Base: with anti-slip rubber feet, the base remains stable and cool to touch during use.

Fuel for the Cobb BBQ

There are four different fuel types that you can use with the Cobb which are as follows:

COBB COBBLESTONE: This fuel is specifically manufactured for Cobb. It is manufactured from a renewable source – Coconut shell, is quick and easy to light, burns hotter than charcoal briquettes and lasts for approx 2 hrs. (Perfect all rounder for both on plate cooking and general roasting).

ULTRA QUICK: This fuel has the same composition as the Cobblestone and burns for approx 1 1/2 hrs. (Perfect for on plate cooking).

GOOD QUALITY CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES:  For more heat use up to 15 briquettes. For baking use only 4-8 briquettes and keep the dome shaped lid on at all times in order to keep the heat in. Burns for approx 3 hrs. (Does not burn so hot as the Cobblestone but works well especially for those longer cook times).

RESTAURANT GRADE LUMPWOOD: Is a perfectly acceptable fuel source, a full fire basket will burn for up to 2 hrs.


How to cook on the Cobb

The Cobb BBQ offers safe outdoor cooking wherever you are whether it’s grilling, roasting, smoking, boiling or frying.  The Cobb’s build in safety features mean that children can now participate in the fun of cooking, making family gatherings an inclusive experience for the whole family.






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