Garden Bulbs at Orchard Park

Spring Garden Bulbs

We have an abundance of spring-flowering bulbs in stock now, including…

Crocus Bulbs

These pretty little flowers look great at the edge of a border, through a lawn or around a tree. They are a hardy plant, and they slowly increase over the years creating a natural looking spread of flowers in your garden. We stock both autumn and spring flowering crocus. You can plant the autumn flowering bulbs in your garden to flower now!

Crocus Bulbs – 10 for £2 (mix and match)
Autumn Crocus Bulbs sold separately.

Narcissi and Daffodil Bulbs

We have a wide range of loose bulbs in stock, including the popular Paperwhite and Tête-à-Tête varieties! These are a hardy plant, so will return year after year.

Paperwhites – 75p a bulb
Many varieties – Fill a bag for £5!

Tulip Bulbs

We have lots of different tulips in stock, including the beautiful and popular Queen of the Night (which looks really striking when mixed in with Salmon Impression). These are a hardy plant, but if planting in Gillingham soil it’s advisable to put a layer of grit underneath the bulb when planting to allow for drainage as they don’t like to get too wet!

Tulip Bulbs – 10 for £3.50 (mix and match) 

Onion sets and garlic now in!

These undemanding vegetables are so easy to grow.
Simply plant your garlic bulbs and onion sets in the autumn, water regularly, and harvest in late summer!

Garlic, 3 for £2.99
Onion Sets, 50 for £1.99 

Allium Bulbs

Alliums are distinctive late spring flowering bulbs and are very showy when planted in beds, borders or rock gardens.

Allium Bulbs, prices ranging from £2.99 to £16.99

Growing Bulbs

We have a handy blog post on how to get the best out of Growing Bulbs.  There are some great tips here for making the most of your bulbs.

We have a wide selection of packeted bulbs, including snowdrops, anemones, fritillaria, alliums and cyclamen.

If you’re not sure which bulbs to put together, look out for our ‘Classic Combinations’, a fantastic range of mixed bulbs.

We also stock bulb fibre (a specialist bulb compost) for all your planting needs.