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Latest from the Farm Shop – May 2010

Last month I said that I would have some news for you on wines and sherries. A technical hitch has put this on hold, but with a following wind we should have something for you in June. New this month will be a range of fruits, nuts and snacks from Julian Graves, who you may know from their shop in Shaftesbury (and elsewhere). We also now have a really DELICIOUS range of ice creams from Purbeck Ice Cream. If you don’t do anything else new this spring, I urge you to try these quite exceptional delights. We have all the usual flavours plus one or two surprises – Mango Sorbet, Honeycombe Hash and even ChilliRed – yes, chilli ice cream. We also sell them in the café in 125ml tubs for £1:40, so you can try the smaller sizes before splashing out on a half-litre tub (£3:95).

We have been attending the Anonymous Travelling Markets in Shaftesbury Cattle Market on the last Saturday of every month, so come and see us on Saturday May 29th when we’ll be selling burgers and sausages, meat, cheese and eggs.

Recipe of the Month – May 2010

Rump Steak

We were really hoping to bring you a fantastic offer on lamb this month, but prices have stayed resolutely high. This may not be good news for all meat-eaters, but I’m sure that all those farmers will be grateful. In any case we have got another great offer for you – Rump Steak at £9:99/kg (£4:54/lb.). Rump steak is sometimes overlooked in favour of Fillet or Sirloin, but for my money it is the best of the lot. Certainly for flavour it can’t be beaten. Fillet is undoubtedly the most tender, and sirloin too, but the combination of flavour and texture in a rump steak that has been hung for 21-28 days is exceptional. The recipe I’ve got for this is meant to bring out this flavour with little or no fussing about.

Ingredients :

1 8oz. rump steak per person.
Salt and pepper.
A splash or two of red wine.

  • Remove your steak(s) from the fridge at least half an hour before cooking.
  • Warm your plates (the recipe will take about five minutes from start to finish).
  • Have a pan of boiling water ready.
  • Heat a good heavy frying pan, ideally a non-stick one.
  • Grind some black pepper into the pan and add half a teaspoonful of salt, preferably sea salt such as Maldon.
  • Put the steak into the (very) hot pan, pressing it down. Cook for 30 seconds.
  • Turn the steak over and repeat.
  • Turn the steak over again and add half the red wine.
  • Repeat and plunge the water cress into the boiling water for 30 seconds.
  • Drain the watercress, take the steak of the heat, put on top of the watercress and serve.

This is for a rare steak – you will know exactly how well-done you like yours, so amend the cooking time accordingly. Ditto the seasoning – you may want more or less salt and/or pepper, although you will need some salt to bring out the flavour. Serve with whatever potatoes you like – sauté are usually a popular choice.

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