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Recipe of the Month – April 2010

Pork Chops

Well this one couldn’t be easier. As usual, you can make it as complicated as you like, so here is a basic recipe with some suggestions.

1 pork chop per person, not too lean (the chops, not the person).
Sage – just beginning to grow again now, so fresh if you have it in your garden is best. Sage has quite a pungent taste, so two decent-sized leaves per chop should be enough.
Cider and cider (or balsamic) vinegar.
Cream or crème fraiche.

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How to grow your Mangold Wurzel

Mangel Wurzel or Mangold Wurzel (Beta vulgaris), is a root vegetable of the family Chenopodiaceae, genus Beta (the beets). It has large white, yellow or orange-yellow swollen roots – mostly above ground. Both leaves and routes can be eaten, if you find you’re really hungry! Leaves can be slightly steamed for salads or lightly boiled as a vegetable if treated like English spinach. They like to be well fed and watered and the roots like potato for serving mashed diced or in sweet curries.

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