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Season’s Changing – September at Orchard Park

As the summer moves effortlessly into autumn there is still a lot of pleasure to be had in the garden. Traditionally, gardeners looked to the autumn as a good time of year to get things sorted and establish new plants before the winter, but modern gardeners have the luxury of being able to plant all year round which takes some of the pressure off, but it is still the time to get summer work completed while plants are still active. We should look to create colour to last until the frosts come, harvesting the current crops and making sure that there is something still growing to feed the family though the winter and into next spring.


September means ‘back to school’... but it’s still a great time to get out and about, to visit gardens or go on plant-buying trips, away from the summer holiday crowds. If your family is still at home, make the most of after school to get them outside, picking blackberries and letting off steam after being cooped up all day. This is a wonderful time in the natural year. Hedgerows and orchards are heavy with fruit and the wild creatures are busy all around us, getting ready for the harder days to come.

A sure sign that the seasons are changing is the mix of things on sale at TulipsOrchard Park. We now have a full range of bulbs with all spring flowering daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and many of the less common sorts.

We are often asked why we have bulbs now... it’s all in the timing! The bulbs are actually lifted when the foliage dies down in May, then they are sorted and graded and prepared for sale. We could probably have them on sale in July but that really would be too early. The planting time extends up to the end of November for daffodils and the end of December for tulips, but these are the very latest dates and we certainly recommend buying your bulbs as early as possible if you want a good choice rather than the leftovers.

We are looking forward to seeing you here very soon, and remember, our knowledgeable plant team are always on hand if you need any advice!