Autumn at Orchard Park

We all love summer and usually shed a tear or two when it’s gone but there really is so much to enjoy in Autumn! The apple harvest is looking good with enough fruit on the trees in many gardens to seriously think about juicing and bottling – juice from your own fruit is a great way of getting produce from your garden.

Harvest is in full flow in the veg garden with beans to be picked, spuds to be lifted and onions dried off; courgettes, marrows and squash all needing regular picking, and maybe store some herbs for use in the winter?

Then it’s planting time again! Hardy plants that get their roots down into the warm, moist soil at this time of the year, get a flying start when the next spring arrives. That goes for evergreen as well as deciduous shrubs, herbaceous perennials and of course bulbs! Talking of which, our full spring flowering bulb selection has arrived with some lovely new varieties as well as old favourites. It’s a good idea to choose your bulbs as soon as possible before the all the good ones go even though planting can be staggered from now until the end of November.