July at Orchard Park

Relax, sit back and smell the roses!

July, the start of those lazey hazey days of summer, with the sun shining the evenings are warm and lighter it’s time to sit back and make the most of your garden; enjoy some alfresco dining and outdoor entertaining.  In the hot weather it is important to ensure your garden stays watered especially any planters, pots and hanging baskets as these will dry out quickly; and add feed to your watering once a week or so with regular deadheading to keep the colour going. Being in the UK means that you are likely to get some rain so  the  addition of a rainwater butt could not only save you money by recycling rainwater to use in the garden but would also be beneficial for ericaceous plants such as camellias, rhododendrons and blueberry bushes.

Then we have all the finishing touches that create the focal points in your garden such as the addition of classic or contemporary garden statuary or solar lighting to hi-light specimen plants or that wonderful new statue.