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Unusually warm! October at Orchard Park

HarvestHaving said that, we have doubtless cast the spell of doom and by the time you read this it will be cold, wet and ‘orrible, or, as the meteorologists would say, “a return to normal weather patterns”. It may be the rose tinted specs, but we think we have had some really nice days over this summer and autumn, which we think will lead to some great autumn colours!

This is such a special time of year… we think there’s nothing better than spending the day harvesting crops and clearing and tidying the plot before the weather changes, and darker evenings give you the perfect excuse to finishing early, light the fire and relax!

Traditionally, autumn is a great time to be planting all sorts of things. The soil is still warm after the summer and, with a bit of moisture added, the roots of anything in contact with the soil are encouraged to grow. The big advantage is that a hardy plant that is planted properly now will do much better next spring than one planted then.

Autumn is usually the safest time to plant hardy plants, whether they are trees, shrubs, bulbs or perennials. The warm and reasonably moist soil is so welcoming for plant roots; the conditions are just right for encouraging new root growth without the burden of having to support masses of leaves which results in a nicely settled plant in time for spring. Clay soils around this part of the world can be difficult to manage if they are too wet at the end of the winter but with a little added coarse grit and well-rotted compost they are very productive which is usually another good reason to get things done sooner rather than later.