February at Orchard Park

This month there are lots to be looking forward to in the world of gardening. We are past the winter solstice and can look forward to lengthening days as the sun eventually returns.

Seasonal house plants are a great way of introducing colour and fragrance to you home.  Azalea and Cyclamen are cheery plants that enjoy cooler conditions so a North facing window sill is ideal. Jasmine and Stephanotis are both beautifully scented and are the perfect plants to choose for filling a room with scent.

Winter planted containers are perfect for adding colour outside in your garden during the dormant Winter months.   A selection of planted containers will be arriving soon which will have a delightful mix of brightly coloured pansies as well as spring flowering bulbs.  There will also be a range of pot grown spring flowering bulbs available in a variety of sizes.