Bulbs now in stock at Orchard Park

Onion Sets in stock at Orchard ParkWe have a great selection of spring flowering bulbs now in! That’s what you need to plant autumn and early winter to give something to look forward to in the spring. The early bird gets the pick of the terrific selection available and, of course, the best quality, so buy your bulbs NOW even if you don’t plant them straight away; they will keep happily in a shed or somewhere out of direct sunlight until you are ready!

There are so many types to choose from – daffodils needn’t just be yellow trumpets. Choose from pure whites, creams, beigey pinks and bicolours. Tall and short to suit borders and pots. Bulbs are amazing things containing everything for the plant to sprout and flower at the right time. If you cut a bulb in half you can easily see how the fat bulb scales protect the fully formed flower bud at its heart.  You can plant any time up to the end of November – just make sure the bulbs get 6 weeks before the soil gets too wet or freezes to grow and make roots.

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