Early spring: March at Orchard Park

March is the beginning of the busy season, the job list lengthening with the daylight. It can be a month of contrasts, too, with wind and frost set to challenge the first of spring growth. Knuckle down and complete winter work to make way for the tasks that are targeted at the growing season. Time spent now getting things into shape is amply rewarded later in summer!

Finishing the pruning, tidying areas before they get overgrown again, removing perennial weeds, feeding and mulching are all essential tasks. Ignore them at your peril! It is also essential to lift and dive overgrown clumps of herbaceous perennials, and take out shrubs that are overshadowing and starving more interesting plants. As usual, we have written a full list of jobs for the month here.

The garden trade associations are working on a campaign this year entitled ‘Love the Plot You’ve Got’ which encourages us to look at what we have now and find ideas to make the very best of that space, our plot! Even if you are thinking of moving house, it makes an awful lot of sense to make sense to improve front or back garden or even chose areas of the garden such as the patio or terrace which will make that part more useful to you and your family in the ‘outdoor’ days to come. Any estate agent will tell you how the value of a house improves with the care and attention given to the garden. The starting point has to be a clear up so that you can see the bare bones of what you have and start the plan.

Around the garden centre the spring colours are blooming, with ranunculus, camellias and heathers looking wonderful! Those of you visiting over the last couple of weeks may have noticed a photographer at work as we prepare for the exciting launch of our new-look website.

Elsewhere in the garden centre, Lagan Farm Shop are just about ready to launch a brand new meat box delivery service at the end of the month, and Orchard Florist are gearing up for the launch of their new online shop! Watch this space for all of the exciting details!